Korean Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Lattè

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Over 10,000 bottles sold in 3 months!
Our Strawberry Lattè is inspired from our travels in Seoul. South Koreans love this refreshing drink especially during Spring, but they have it all-year-round.
It's a passionately hand-crafted refreshing drink to give you joy and positivity inspite of all negativity happening right now.
It's made from our special conconction of our milky, creamy, not-so-sweet and addictive milk with our signature strawberry pureè made from real strawberries that you can actually chew!
But be warned that one bottle is not enough because this is highly addictive!
19 out of 20 people who tasted it swear that this is  not just super delicious but it is the best Strawberry Lattè they have tasted so far, too!
See our customer reviews and have a glimpse of what it tastes like.
We are featured at Yummy.ph, Life by The Philippine Star, Loop Me Ph, MSN, 8 List and Noli Soli.