Our Original Recipe of Sweet Strawberry Chunks

Frozen Strawberry Chunks

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Sure, you can make your own strawberry milk at home.

But to avoid disappointments, try using our Strawberry Chunks in your strawberry milk recipe and use your preferred milk such as soy milk, almond milk, cereal milk, or any fresh and powdered milk that you desire.

We know the feeling of disappointment when you just made your own strawberry bits from scratch because it turned out not the way you wanted it. You end up creating a sour, yogurt-y strawberry milk drink. And the main culprit is the strawberry itself because our strawberries in the Philippines are naturally sour.

Our Strawberry Lattè is sweet and creamy because our Strawberry Chunks recipe is inspired from Korea's super sweet strawberries. So we made our own sweet version of it.

Clichè as it may sound but not all strawberry milks are created equal and our Strawberry Lattè stands out because of our special sweet Strawberry Chunks recipe and our creamy yet not-so-sweet milk.