The co-owners of La Vienne Bakery also have years of experience in e-commerce. With the growing demand for food delivery service brought by the aftermath of the pandemic, they merged the traditional food business model with online delivery e-commerce system.

Thus La Vienne Bakery Virtual Store Franchise Package is conceptualized with the aim of helping Filipino families earn from home while the nation is battling against COVID-19.

A virtual store franchisee can start to run and operate their La Vienne Bakery business from the comfort of their home. You can start running and operating it anytime in spite of the existing community quarantine to maximize your time and make profits from home.

This is our way of helping Filipinos earn money while staying at home.

What is a La Vienne Bakery Virtual Store?

A La Vienne Bakery Virtual Store is a store operating through an online ordering and delivery system. We will teach you how to run and operate a profitable la Vienne Bakery business from home, including our online delivery system.

How much is the La Vienne Bakery Virtual Franchise?

Because we're offering a limited one-time NO FRANCHISE FEE promo for the first 20 virtual franchisees, all you have to pay is the starting inventory (start-up stocks) and it comes with FREEBIES.

As of this writing, we currently have 12 virtual franchisees and we still have 8 slots left to avail the promo.

Starting inventory, tools and materials worth: ₱ 99,000 ONLY

+ FREE franchise fee worth: ₱ 99,000

+ Use of La Vienne Bakery licensed trademark, name, logo and proven business system

+ Pre-opening assitance

+ Be promoted on our main page as our official branch in your area

+ Customer inquiries who are from your area will be redirected to you

+ Resellers and distributors from your area will purchase stocks from you

+ FoodPanda registration assistance

+ FREE marketing collaterals for you social media postings

+ FREE digital marketing training to boost your sales worth: ₱ 10,000

+ FREE local promotions via Facebook and Instagram ads worth: ₱ 12,000

+ FREE training on management, operations and customer service, online delivery system via videos, online conference, reading materials worth₱ 15,000

+ Ongoing total support package given to franchisees to be able to operate and run a virtual franchise unit smoothly and profitably

TOTAL VALUE: ₱ 235,000

Promo for the first 20 qualified virtual franchisees:

PAY ONLY: ₱ 99,000

YOU SAVE: ₱ 136,000!

As of this writing, we already have 12 qualified virtual franchisees, we only have 8 slots left. If you're very interested in franchising La Vienne Bakery virtual store, let us know the soonest possible time before we run out of NO FRANCHISE FEE slot.

If you can't wait to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you're very interested to franchise, click the 'Franchise Approval Process' to proceed with the franchise process:

La Vienne Bakery Franchise Approval Process How much can I potentially earn from La Vienne Bakery Virtual Store?

If you diligently follow our training guidelines on how to operate, manage, advertise and deliver our products which exceed customers' expectations, you can earn from ₱ 60,000 to ₱ 150,000 per month, operating from home, depending on your compliance with our system, time, local advertising effort and quality products and quality customer service.

Our existing virtual stores are earning ₱ 50,000 to ₱ 180,000 per month.

What are the advantages of starting a La Vienne Bakery Virtual Store in spite of this pandemic?

Right now is actually the perfect time to start a La Vienne Bakery Virtual Store Franchise. People are craving for desserts and unique beverages but they are afraid to get out of their houses so we will deliver their cravings right at their doorsteps.

Starting a virtual store franchise is also perfect for those who are first-timers in starting a business. It only needs a small capital to start and you will be starting with an established brand, La Vienne Bakery. We will teach you how to run your business and you will learn all the basics of business while at the comfort of your home.

Unlike other store formats, you have lower overhead expenses because you don't have to pay for monthly commercial space rent, fewer manpower expenses. You can start this business at home with your family members or relatives.

It is also involves less risk than starting with your own brand from scratch because starting a business with an establish brand saves you the long trial and error period where start-up brands which don't have enough business skills and knowledge usually fail.

If you can't wait to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you're very interested to franchise, click the 'Franchise Approval Process' to proceed with the franchise process:

La Vienne Bakery Franchise Approval Process